Announcing Lobby Transit for Portland, Oregon

Portland, Oregon is famous for its excellent public transit. When TEECOM opened an office in the city in March, 2017, we knew that we wanted to expand Lobby Transit™, our free award-winning real-time transit information app, to incorporate PDX.

Today, we’re proud to announce that we’ve enabled Lobby Transit™ for MAX Light Rail, Portland Streetcar, and WES Commuter Rail. Using an API to “translate” information from the TriMet Transit Tracker, Lobby Transit™ enables anyone to display a colorful graphic that tells viewers when the next transit option will arrive, and alerts riders to delays and emergency notifications. Choose a background and visual theme that complement your organization’s branding to make Lobby Transit™ look great in your space.

Lobby Transit iOS and Apple TV

Lobby Transit™ has been enthusiastically adopted by San Francisco Bay Area companies (such as Unity) looking for content to fill their lobby display screens, and we hope it’s adopted by Portland-area firms as well. Lobby Transit™ is free on the iTunes store and on Apple TV. We’ve also published a complete configuration guide to help you get Lobby Transit™ up and running for display on large screen formats.

Lobby Transit in TEECOM Lobby Transit is designed to provide relevant, real-time content for displays in offices, lobbies, and coffeeshops.

TEECOMlabs plans to enable the app for more cities in the future. Have a request, or a question? Reach out to us.

Originally posted on the TEECOM blog