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  • Introducing the Architecture ex Machina Forum

    We're excited to introduce the Architecture ex Machina forum! As we seek to engage professionals from across the industry, we wanted to create a place where ideas and conversations could easily be shared.

  • Differentiable Drawing

    We would like to explain how machine learning can be useful to design disciplines and to do that with more than superficial technical depth. If any given professional in the AEC industry comes away with an understanding of the abilities and limitations of machine learning, we will consider this article to be successful.

  • A Turing Test for Design

    In his seminal paper, “Computing Machinery and Intelligence,” Alan Turing set out what he called The Imitation Game. This game was designed as a principled way to answer the question: “Can machines think?” When we talk about a “Turing Test for Design,” we are talking about an experimental setup in which to answer the neighboring question: “Can machines design?”

  • Understanding Two's Complement

    A recent programming exercise lead me to learn about binary and Two's Complement

  • Breaking Commits Apart With Git

    I like the code in my commits to be related, but sometimes an unrelated change will slip past my guard.

  • Using Vim's Built-In Spell Checker

    When writing prose, Vim's built-in spell checker can help you out if you know how to use it

  • A Stylish Dropdown With Mostly CSS

    Learn how to make simple, but stylish dropdown menus with mostly CSS

  • Announcing: Comments come to Callback One

    A much anticipated feature has come at last

  • Announcing Lobby Transit for Portland, Oregon

  • Chaining HTTP Requests In Elm

    Learn how to chain HTTP requests that depend on each other using Elm tasks

  • It's Alive!

    A brief introduction to our team