My Git aliases

I recently read a blog post by Jason Swett where he shared some of his Git aliases, and I was inspired to do the same!

In my ~/.zshrc file, I alias git to g:

alias g=hub

In my ~/.gitconfig file, I have a number of aliases defined:

  ; shortcuts
  l = log --pretty=oneline
  c = commit -v
  s = status
  a = add
  p = push
  co = checkout
  cob = checkout -b
  cp = cherry-pick
  fp = push --force-with-lease
  dc = diff-commits

  ; helpers
  branches = for-each-ref --sort=-committerdate --format=\"%(color:blue)%(authordate:relative)\t%(color:red)%(authorname)\t%(color:white)%(color:bold)%(refname:short)\" refs/remotes
  branch-name = !git rev-parse --abbrev-ref HEAD
  diff-commits = cherry -v

  ; workflows
  pub = !git push -u origin $(git branch-name)
  ppr = !git pub && gh pr create
  up = !git fetch origin && git rebase origin/$DEFAULT_BRANCH
  ir = !git rebase -i origin/$DEFAULT_BRANCH
  cleanup = !git remote prune origin && git gc && git clean -dfx && git stash clear

I find these aliases really handy, especially for two of my most common workflows.

Opening a pull-request for a new feature

$ g cob new-feature
... do some work ...
$ g c
... do some work ...
$ g c
$ g ppr

Preparing a branch for final review

$ g up
$ g ir
... squash commits ...
$ g fp